Monk and Bandits

This route takes in the village of Abbadia San Salvatore, the largest inhabited centre of Monte Amiata.

Abbadia is steeped in myriad traditions linked to the Lombard Abbey, and more recently marked deeply even today by the presence of the mercury mines, closed in 1976, which, representing the second largest mercury producer in the world, played a major role in the development of the entire territory. From Abbadia the route continues towards the natural thermal springs of Bagni San Filippo, whose waters are of exceptional quality. There are two possibilities to choose from: the natural path with free bathing in the forest, or the thermal spa pool. The last stop on this itinerary is Radicofani, the village from which sprang the origins of the Aldobrandeschi family, connected to the bandit Ghino di Tacco, quoted by Dante and Boccaccio for his extravagances.

Lunghezza complessiva:

20.6km Km

Durata complessiva:

(solo trasferimenti)


..state viaggiando in Toscana. Storia, tradizioni e cultura vi circondano, esperienze e scorci indimenticabili sono dietro l'angolo.

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